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Google+ (Google Plus)

Hi all,

Just a quick post (we'll have to do some round-ups of all of our recent news soon).

Some of you may be aware of Google's latest social networking service called Google+ (Google Plus/GPlus).  The have some decent ideas on adding friends & business contacts in separate groups, as well as location-based messaging and a few other nice touches.

You also may have noticed that alongside the Facebook "like" and Twitter "follow" buttons in our new-look website, there's an intriguing +1 symbol.
The +1 button is the Google+ equivelent of "following" or "liking" & you're likely to see it more and more on the web, as well as in Google search results.

Google+ is still in a testing phase which they've restricted to invite only, but as I've managed to grab some invites, so feel free to use the link below and set up an account - and don't forget to visit to give us a +1!

Click here for a free invite to try the new Google+ social network
 (the invites are a limited number, and from time to time Google stops new entries, so try again on another date if your invite doesn't work)

UPDATE: How's that for timing. Google have now officially launched the full, live version of Google+ so everyone can now join - no invite required! Will

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